Arlo Sims

Operating Partner

Arlo Sims is an Operating Partner for ACP, focused on business transformation and optimization to drive turnaround performance and integration. Arlo has over 25 years of operational experience within public and private operations and has held several executive leadership roles within private equity portfolio companies.


Most recently, Arlo served as COO for Tangent Materials and was responsible for improving productivity while reducing the operational footprint. Arlo has also served as COO and Executive Vice President of Operations of Anchor Glass Corporation, a CVC portfolio company, where he implemented a footprint rationalization plan that drove process standardization and operational management systems to drive positive ownership succession. Before Anchor Glass, Arlo served as Vice President of Operations of Altium Packaging where he drove increased productivity at the company’s 30 facilities, built the operational leadership team, and helped to lead several acquisitions. Previously, Arlo also held senior operations positions at The Freedom Group, a Cerberus portfolio company, Smith & Nephew’s advanced surgical device division, and Franke Kitchen Systems. Arlo has also spent time overseas with expat assignments in Switzerland and Scotland as global operations leader for Franke Kitchen Systems.  While there Arlo had operational responsibilities for North & South American, African, and Asian manufacturing locations. Earlier in his career, Arlo worked for many years within the automotive industry for companies such as Toyota, Hyundai, and Daimler Chrysler. Arlo spent nearly eight years with Toyota where he learned the Toyota Production System (TPS). Throughout his career Arlo has been able to successfully teach and implement the tools of TPS into many different operational disciplines.


Arlo graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science in Product Design Engineering.